The dream began some 30 years ago — launch is scheduled for Spring 2020. This blog will follow the final stages of prep and the 3-year worldwide adventure of the sailboat Maggie May and her crew, Captain Bill Updike and First Mate Krista Schlyer.



(c)Krista_Schlyer_-07219Maggie May is a 39 foot Westerly Sealord sailboat built in 1986 in England. When we bought her in 2013 her name was Vilkas, apparently this means ‘werewolf’ in Lithuanian, an omen we overlooked initially. We have spent the past 7 years overhauling the werewolf. But she’s happy sailing in 15-20 knots, and capable of moving along in 5. She’s heavy but quick for her girth, plucky and determined. We renamed her Maggie May after our Corgi/Dachund mix dog who died a few years before we bought Vilkas. This is the original Maggie May…

Holding Maggie May is Captain Bill.


He wasn’t always a captain. In fact at this moment he really isn’t a captain at all. He’s just a guy who bought an old sailboat and didn’t realize that was a bad idea until the deed was done.  Right now he’s waiting out the worst of the Coronavirus so the last 1000 repairs can be finished and the boat can be put in the water and he can be the captain he’s dreamed of being since he was a kid. One day this will all be prologue. But for now he is sitting in a bed in Mount Rainier, Maryland, waiting for his Cheetos to come out of quarantine.


Krista has had a lot of experience cleaning out the bilge of Maggie May. Krista was also responsible for expelling the anal glands of the Original Maggie May (OMM). There is little glory in such jobs but they must be done and continuity is important for a first mate.


 Currently Krista is trying to get up to speed on how to stay alive on a sailboat by practicing knots, reading sailing legends Beth Leonard, Chris Parker, and John Kretchmer, and watching video after video by the indomitable Tom Tursi. Once the Maggie May launches Krista, an award-winning conservation photographer and writer, will also be  documenting life on a sailboat and Earth’s underwater world. And she will be cleaning the bilge.




This blog will chronicle the 3-year ocean adventure of Maggie May, Bill and Krista. You can track the boat and get short updates on our map:

Click on photo to reach our tracking map page.


Follow along with the trip on our Maggie May tracking page and through the Maggie May blog posts in the sidebar.








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