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Almost Anywhere, scheduled for publication Fall 2015 by Skyhorse Publishing

Almost Anywhere is a poignant exploration of our place in the natural world, chronicling a healing and sometimes humorous adventure undertaken in a time of personal desperation. In this travel narrative I wander with my best friends Bill and Maggie–a feisty dog in search of Amish cheese and slow chipmunks–and we ramble through national parks and wilderness in order to make peace with the past and find a pathway to the future. Chronicling our colorful adventure, Almost Anywhere is a rumination on the intersection of love, loss, nature and nonsense.

Advance reviews for Almost Anywhere
From Michelle Theall, author of Teaching the Cat to Sit
“Outstanding, wry, heart-wrenching and healing. Those words describe Almost Anywhere, which hits the bull’s-eye as a cross between Wild and Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Krista’s unique voice will draw you in and take you on a journey to the intersection of unfathomable grief and the healing power of wanderlust.” 
 From William Souder, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson
 “Brave, beautiful, and utterly captivating, Almost Anywhere breaks your heart and puts it back together again on a long and often arduous road trip across an America where the uncertain future is always just beyond the horizon and the immutable past rushes at you without remorse. Measuring the sharpness of loss against the hugeness of life, Krista Schlyer has found her way, page by page, to a rare state of grace. An amazing book.”
From Craig Childs, award-winning author of House of Rain
“This book is an American map. . . . If you want to feel a journey at skin level all the way to the heart, this is your route.”
Continental Divide: Wildlife, People and the Border Wall, released Fall 2012 by Texas A&M University Press

Continental Divide: Wildlife, People, and the Border WallContinental Divide explores the wildlife and wild places of the US-Mexico border, as well as the human history and culture of the region, and the impact US border and immigration policy are having on the borderlands. The book combines wildlife and nature photography with essays on the natural and human history of the region.

Awards: National Outdoor Book Award 2013; American Library Association’s “Best of the Best” of University Presses 2013; Southwest Book of the Year 2012; New Mexico Book Award 2013; Eric Hoffer Book Award. Buy a signed copy of Continental Divide

Whooping Crane: Images from the Wild, released 2010 by Texas A&M University Press

This book was a collaboration with celebrated German photographer Klaus Nigge. Nigge provided never-before-seen photos of this endangered bird and I wrote the natural history text for the book.


I have worked with dozens of magazines and websites on stories and photo essays, including Wildlife Conservation, National Parks, Defenders, Woodlands, High Country News, National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer and others. Here are a few sample articles.


Gambling on the Water Table, Defenders of Wildlife, 2007

Refuges at Risk: The Threat of Global Warming, Defenders of Wildlife, 2006


Defenders of Wildlife, 2009-2012

American Rivers, 2006

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