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River of Redemption: Almanac of Life on the Anacostia 

Winner of the 2019 National Outdoor Book Award! Incorporating seven years of photography and research, Krista Schlyer portrays life along the Anacostia River, a Washington, DC, waterway rich in history and biodiversity that nonetheless lingered for years in obscurity and neglect in our nation’s capital–a reality that has earned it the nickname the forgotten river. River of Redemption offers an experience of the Anacostia that reveals its eons of natural history, centuries of destruction, and decades of restoration efforts. Inspired by Aldo Leopold’s classic book, A Sand County Almanac, Krista Schlyer evokes a consciousness of time and place, taking readers through the seasons in the watershed as well as through the river’s complex history and ecology.

Click on the book cover to order online from Solid State Books in Washington DC.  Or order from your local bookstore, or online booksellers like Amazon.

Almost Anywhere-rev

Almost Anywhere: Road Trip Ruminations on Love, Nature, National Parks and Nonsense.

At twenty-eight years old, Krista Schlyer sold almost everything she owned and packed the rest of it in a station wagon bound for the American wild. Her two best friends joined her—one a grumpy, grieving introvert, the other a feisty dog—and together they sought out every national park, historic site, forest, and wilderness they could get to before their money ran out or their minds gave in.

**** 4.5 Stars on Amazon ****

“Brave, beautiful, and utterly captivating, Almost Anywhere breaks your heart and puts it back together again on a long and often arduous road trip across an America, where the uncertain future is always just beyond the horizon and the immutable past rushes at you without remorse. Measuring the sharpness of loss against the hugeness of life, Krista Schlyer has found her way, page by page, to a rare state of grace. An amazing book.” —William Souder, On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson


Continental Divide: Wildlife, People and the Border Wall Winner of the National Outdoor Book Award, Ansel Adams Award, and American Library Association “Best of the Best” award.  Sorry, I’m Sold Out but you can buy at bookstores and online booksellers. (Click on the book cover to order.)

The topic of the border wall between the United States and Mexico continues to be broadly and hotly debated: on national news media, by local and state governments, and even in coffee shops and over the dinner table. By now, broad segments of the population have heard widely varying opinions about the wall’s effect on illegal immigration, international politics, and the drug war.

But what about the wall’s effect on the Sonoran pronghorn antelope herds and the kit fox? On the Mexican gray wolf, the ocelot, the jaguar, and the bighorn sheep? In unforgettable images and evocative text, Continental Divide: Wildlife, People, and the Border Wall helps readers understand all that is at stake.


Whooping Crane: Images from the Wild, with Klaus Nigge. Buy online at Amazon. (Click on the book cover to order.)

Krista Schlyer provides an introductory text that affords an overview of crane history. She chronicles the monumental efforts by humans to ensure the survival of the species

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