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Incorporating seven years of photography and research, River of Redemption portrays life along the Anacostia River, a Washington, DC, waterway rich in history and biodiversity that nonetheless lingered for years in obscurity and neglect in our nation’s capital.

River of Redemption tells a story of the Anacostia River in Washington DC, a once pristine ecosystem that supported a rich community of animals and plants for millions of years, including, not so long ago, a tribe of Algonquin people now known as the Nacotchtank.

The book is organized as an almanac, after the fashion of Aldo Leopold’s timeless treasure “A Sand County Almanac,” published in the 1940s.

River of Redemption’s narrative flows through the seasons of the Anacostia year, documenting how the land and all the life upon it respond to the nearness or distance of the sun. In each chapter I offer a glimpse of what I have seen in the watershed, and what I have learned.

The historical threads woven through the book offer a context for where we are now, so that we might see more clearly what possible futures lay before us, and better understand our ability and responsibility to determine that future.

Reviews and Stories

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Book Excerpts

You can find excerpts from the book in the River of Redemption menu, starting with the Deprivation Moon.

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Pick up a copy of the book at your local bookstore, as well as online booksellers like Amazon. Signed copies of the book are available in my online bookstore.

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